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New photos HDR Iphone 6 HDRI images free high quality HD edited with programs of graphic design such as Photoshop to give a surreal end with HDR 3D effects, the result of HDRI photographs is really spectacular! In the stock virtual gallery of images from the blog you can enjoy all these incredible cars in HDR. Download free images Iphone 6 HDR and HDR Iphone stock photos.
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MINI have started using capital letters is not an accident. MINI family continues to grow every year, and we do not just understand the number of cars, models and versions. The same size also does and no one better than the new MINI Clubman to try it.

We have the best and the family of all cars, and we have already had occasions to test the most powerful diesel variant of the MINI Clubman SD. However the word MINI has changed its meaning. The Clubman still has that special aurea around the English models. A distinctive style with improved quality. We have a new generation that, thanks to the changes, will continue to court the most elegant families.

As always with a MINI, it transports you to a new social status. Audi A5 Coupe 3.0 TDI 2017We test the new finish of Audi A5 Coupé S Line and engine 3.0 V6 TDI that develops 218 horsepower maximum. It is the spearhead among the diesel engines available today for the new Audi A5. Equipped with Quattro traction and a double clutch automatic transmission and seven relationships that Audi calls S Tronic.

They are convinced of their world of technology and the interior, as well as an image, despite being conservative, won on appeal. We have made a test with the car that we have obtained decent consumption for the engine block that equips and even to refine the V6 engine is presented as one of the best options, we believe and believe that with the 2.0 TDI of 190 hp, the Audi A5 Would be a perfect candidate.

We have more in our test. Photos Mercedes Benz E 220 D, Mercedes is evolving, and although there are still classic aspects that are part of the DNA of the brand, something is changing. The most advanced technology comes hand in hand with the new Mercedes Benz E class. An impressive evolution will lead us to what you will manage in the future.

This time we tested the version that, a priori, stands as the most commercial of all; Mercedes Benz Class E 220 d with 9 G-Tronic automatic transmission. Very balanced version. Many strengths although this time Mercedes have focused more on technology, forgetting certain aspects that we all expect in a car of the brand.